Begin your career in Law by acquiring the Lusaka Goldsmiths University Bachelor of Laws Degree. Among other, the LLB Degree from LGU leads graduating students to the practice of law. The degree is a standard LLB program based on the Common Law system developed in England and used in countries that follow the Common Law system arising from historic links with the United Kingdom. It is the same program offered in other commonwealth countries mutatis mutandis. read more>>

Aims of the program

The LLB Degree aims to equip learners with knowledge of law both in and outside Zambia. Society being an amalgam of issues ranging from personal, interpersonal and public, calls for persons to be well vest in matters of rules and regulations that guide the manner in which each member of society conduct themselves. read more>>

Objectives of the Program

The objectives of the Lusaka Goldsmiths University LLB Degree are to equip the learners with the relevant knowledge requisite for addressing the social, political and cultural challenges that today societies the world over are faced with. read more>>

Program Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the program, learners shall:

  • Have knowledge on the various areas of the law their society
  • Be able to interpret the law and apply it to various situations in their society
  • Be able to advice on legal issues arising from various situations in their society
  • Have knowledge on issues of governance, politics and international relations
  • Be able to advice on legal issues arising from international agreements; etc.


The assessment criteria for Lusaka Goldsmiths University consists of two assignments each carrying 15 marks and an examination at the end of each semester carrying 70 marks as follows: read more>>

The following are the programmes offered in the school of Law