Lusaka Goldsmiths University

The Programme can also be a bridging programme for people who would want to eventually do a Bachelor of Laws Degree but do not have the requisite entry level qualifications for admission at Degree level. Once admitted to pursue the Diploma programme, they can then pursue their secondary school level studies to bridge on the entry level qualifications for entry onto the Degree programme. Once admitted into the Degree level, they would then proceed straight to the fourth year of Degree programme, receiving exemptions in all the courses they did and cleared at Diploma level ‘at the University’

The knowledge and competences that a Diploma holder will have will be equivalent to the competences and knowledge a Bachelor of Laws Degree holder will have for the first three years of their studies as, the Diploma in Law is simply a three quarter programme for the Bachelor of Laws Degree designed for persons without really the interest to practice law but wish to acquire the basic know of law. The students of Bachelor’s Degree programme and those for Diploma in Law programme, will be taught together and subjected to the same assessment criteria in the first three years of the Degree programme. Diploma in Law students would graduate at the end of their three years of studies and be eligible for certification as Diploma holders having duly completed their Diploma in Law qualification. Further, students registered on the Law Degree programme but are, for some reason, unable to complete their studies past the third year level, shall be eligible for an award of Diploma in Law qualification.